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Webcom specializes in solving Sales, Marketing, Engineering, IT and other business challenges by providing software solutions that meet real business challenges. read more

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Featured Product

The leader in simplicity, agility and efficiency, Webcom, Inc. provides software solutions that streamline selling of ALL types of products and services. Requiring only a browser, CallidusCloud CPQ allows you to quickly configure, price, quote, propose and sell your offerings, anytime, anywhere.

CallidusCloud CPQ can be used for simple product and service catalog with search and selection capabilities all the way to more sophisticated guided selling, proposal generation and multi-level channel management tasks associated with sales configurators.


  • Accelerate “opportunity-to-revenue”
  • Ensure speed, accuracy, consistency of quotes and proposals
  • Reduce order errors
  • Assimilate acquisitions and launch new products with minimal training
  • Handle any sales channel configuration
  • Increase sales through intelligent up selling and cross selling

CallidusCloud CPQ sales configurator can help shrink the inquiry-to-order process by weeks and increase quote and order accuracy.

CallidusCloud CPQ Product Configurator is a rules and constraints based software application designed to assist a user in specifying and selecting a product by describing general needs and requirements. The configurator guides the user through the process. The user can specify requirements and make selections in any order. Based on the step-by-step selections, the configurator applies the rules and constraints in real time to ensure that only a valid product or service is defined. At the conclusion of the selection process the item can be placed in a shopping cart, quoted or ordered.

CallidusCloud CPQ Product Catalog can be used to selectively publish your product data and pricing information online or for internal use.

CallidusCloud product catalog functionality enables your users to easily find what they are looking for. As they are specifying what they need, our guided selling search keeps narrowing down the list of applicable products. They can further ensure that they found what they need by using side by side comparison or analyzing detailed product specifications.

CallidusCloud CPQ is used to accurately and efficiently generate quotes and proposals, from simple budgetary rough drafts to submittals, contracts, and license or subscription agreements.

With CallidusCloud CPQ quotation software, you no longer have to worry about easy-to-make mistakes that have big bottom line consequences. Our quoting software ensures accurate quotes and professional looking documents of any kind, quickly and error free. Our quote software makes up-selling and cross-selling easy with automatic or optional additional product and/or service inclusion. Use the CallidusCloud CPQ rules engine to recommend accessories, add-ons, spare parts, volume incentives, etc. It can even help you get that profitable warranty sale or service contract.

CallidusCloud CPQ streamlines the entire order management process, allowing your sales people, channel partners, and customers to select the right products based on customer needs and seamlessly convert those products to orders with a click of a button.

CallidusCloud CPQ Order Management will make it easy for your channels to sell your products. Automated order management must be a key component in your go to market strategy. Receiving orders by fax, email or over the phone can be very inefficient. They often contain errors or in the best case scenario they are accurate but require manual processing.