CallidusCloud CPQ

CallidusCloud CPQ makes your quoting and selling process simpler, faster and cheaper. Using any browser, your sales team and your partners will be able to:

  • Create More Quotes
  • Generate Better Quotes and Proposals
  • Track Open Quotes
  • Increase Your Winning Percentage
  • Increase Average Quote and Order Size

CPQ can also allow your customers to self-quote or directly purchase your products and services online.

Why CallidusCloud CPQ    expand all collapse all

Eliminate Product Selection and Pricing Errors   expand

Product Selection & Configuration

A configurator is like an insurance policy. It prevents or minimizes:

  • » Pricing Errors,
  • » Order Errors,
  • » Returns,
  • » Re-work,
  • » Cancellations.

Product catalog and various product selection mechanisms enable your users to easily find the right products based on their needs.

The user can specify requirements and make selections in any sequence, while our rules engine worries about:

  • » Inclusion Rules,
  • » Product Inter-compatibility,
  • » Constraints,
  • » Bundling.

CallidusCloud CPQ will ensure that your quotes and orders are absolutely accurate, and always using the most recent product and pricing data, thus eliminating embarrassment and frustration associated with receiving these errors downstream.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show how users can select products to buy or quote in a variety of different ways:


Boost Sales Through Collaborative Selling   expand


CPQ will help you boost sales through collaborative selling. Preventing errors and automating product selection is no longer enough. Often, sales people, product experts, partners and customers need to work together to ensure that the most suitable solution is being proposed.

We have learned and incorporated the best features from the consumer world and enabled them in CPQ, such as:

  • » Blog-like Discussion Threads,
  • » Facebook-like Feed.

But we have significantly enhanced them by adding:

  • » Business Rules,
  • » Contextual Filters.

This provides not just an insight, but actionable insight and eliminates information overload.

Through these capabilities you can:

  • » Tap and capture tribal knowledge.
  • » Accelerate deals through the sales process.
  • » Engage with customers to drive product portfolio innovation.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show different ways you can push transactions along by collaborating with customers through:


Quickly Create Winning Proposals   expand

Create Winning Proposals

Our proposal engine will automatically include all the relevant content, such as:

  • » Requested products and their prices.
  • » Most relevant product data.
  • » Case studies.
  • » Pictures and drawings.
  • » Terms and conditions.
  • » Any other relevant content.

Our customers have found that CallidusCloud CPQ allows them to create robust proposals that not only communicate product and pricing, but tell a convincing story.

Without having your sales people or partners reinvent the wheel with each proposal, based on the products being selected, your customers’ industry, or any other criteria, CPQ proposal engine will automatically help articulate these messages to your customers:

  • » Why you.
  • » Why your products.

Sample CPQ Proposals

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show how with a click of a button, sales people and partners can generate any type of proposal:


Shorten the Sales Cycle through Electronic Approvals   expand


Regardless of how complex your approval process is, CallidusCloud CPQ will help you automate it and streamline it.

Anything can be used to trigger an approval, such as:

  • » Exceeding discount threshold
  • » Exceeding gross margin threshold
  • » Selecting non-standard terms
  • » Matching a government entry on a do-not-ship list
  • » Non-standard products

Different approvers may be responsible for different "violations." Approvals can be serial or parallel.

Each approval can be approved by a person or a group of people using:

  • » Any (or) Logic,
  • » All (and) Logic.

For example, while Bob and Steve must approve Net 60 terms, either Jane or John can approve 20% discount on hardware.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show how to automate and streamline your approval process:


Negotiate while Preserving Margins   expand


Maximize your margins while minimizing time delays associated with negotiations. Our quote worksheet provides the industry’s most flexible discounting functionality by allowing you to change:

  • » Discount Percentage,
  • » Discount Amount,
  • » Multiplier,
  • » Unit Price, and
  • » Extended Net Price,

All of which can be done for:

  • » Each Item,
  • » Product Type or Grouping Sub Totals (equipment, software, services),
  • » Or for the Entire Quote.

For example, if you know your customer's budget, you can enter it and our engine will discount each item appropriately, not necessarily proportionally, but rather using cascading waterfall effect, automatically figuring out which items have most room. This ensures that no approval rules are unnecessarily invoked.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show different types of discounting:


Increase Average Quote and Order Size   expand

Up-sell Cross-sell

CPQ will help you increase sales through intelligent up-selling and cross-selling, by automatically suggesting

  • » Premium Products,
  • » Quantity Incentives,
  • » Related Products,
  • » Longer Terms, and
  • » Bundles Based on Your Business Rules.

Up-selling and cross-selling reminders and suggestions are available during the product selection as well as prior to checkout or quote creation.

This will help sales teams:

  • » Increase order size.
  • » Raise product depth awareness.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show how you can present relevant products and offers to your customers:

It will also apply any special pricing, including uplifts, based on existing contracts, markets, verticals, etc.


One-Click Order Conversion   expand

One Click Order Conversion

Each quote can be converted to an order with a click of a button, eliminating the need to re-key the data to downstream systems (ERP, financials, etc.).

If additional data needs to be captured at the order conversion time, the rule engine will ensure that an order cannot be placed until it is complete.

While this can be used for a simple e-commerce applications, CPQ provides additional more elaborate functionality associated with Complex Order Workflows such as:

  • » Multistage Order Processing.
  • » Partial Orders from Master Quotes.
  • » Usage Tracking over Time.

Our two-way web services API ensures that any data can be pulled into CPQ from another system, and other systems can keep CPQ up to date with data from other data master sources, including:

  • » Product Data.
  • » Pricing Data.
  • » Shipment Tracking Data.

Screenshots and Diagrams

These screenshots show the different type of orders:


Key Capabilities

Online Catalog

CallidusCloud CPQ product catalog is used to selectively publish your product and pricing information online or for internal use. Find out if CallidusCloud CPQ is the right product catalog for your organization.

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Product Selection, Configuration and Pricing

CallidusCloud CPQ sales configurator functionality can help shrink the inquiry-to-order process by weeks and increase quote accuracy by up to 70%. Find out if CallidusCloud CPQ is the right product configurator for your organization.

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Quotes, Proposals, and Other Documents

CallidusCloud CPQ is used to accurately and efficiently generate quotes and proposals. Find out if CallidusCloud CPQ is the right quotation software for your organization.

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Order Management

CallidusCloud CPQ Order Management capabilities streamline the entire quote to order process. Find out if CallidusCloud CPQ order management functionality is the right fit for your organization.

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