Simplify Collaboration and Case Management with CallidusCloud WorkFlow

CallidusCloud WorkFlow is a web-based SaaS offering for managing business processes. Like a command center, it enables management and tracking of individual tasks, as well as electronic communications and collaboration related to those tasks. It allows you and your management team to ensure that every internal and external customer gets the same quality service and the same attention each and every time. It gives predictability so that your employees and your customers develop confidence in your business. It gives accountability to your employees so they have incentive to strive for results. It gives you insight into your organization to improve processes, identify problems and find solutions in the most efficient way.

Why CallidusCloud WorkFlow    expand all collapse all

Facilitate Customer Engagement expand

CallidusCloud WorkFlow allows your prospects, customers, and partners to engage with you from virtually anywhere including:

  • » from your website,
  • » by email,
  • » on Facebook,
  • » on Twitter, or
  • » other electronic means.

All information you receive will automatically flow into CallidusCloud WorkFlow.

  • » No Retyping.
  • » No Copying and Pasting
  • » No leakage or loss of information through reinterpretation or mismatched file types.

With unprecedented collaboration capabilities and transparency, CallidusCloud WorkFlow turns those:

  • » initial requests into conversations,
  • » conversations into meaningful relationships, and
  • » customers into your fans.

Enforce Consistent and Repeatable Business Processes expand

CallidusCloud WorkFlow allows you to eliminate errors and inefficiencies associated with re-inventing the wheel syndrome. It comes with pre-programmed enforceable business process. The intuitive setup wizard allows you to personalize these processes to precisely fit your needs.

Regardless of the processes you chose to handle with CallidusCloud WorkFlow and whether you chose the built-in features for:

  • » Issue Tracking and Resolution,
  • » RMAs,
  • » New Feature Development,
  • » Idea Crowdsourcing
  • » Collaborative Selling, and
  • » Bug Tracking,

or whether you tailor a process to fit a specific need in your business or industry, effective execution and true collaboration will be possible. Everybody working with your organization will know exactly what needs to be done, when, and in what sequence.

There will be no missed steps, skipped steps, or harmful shortcuts. CallidusCloud WorkFlow will offer clarity and repeatability which means:

  • » less chaos
  • » less need for training,
  • » more consistency,
  • » improved predictability, and
  • » increased customer confidence.

Gain Insight and Improve Accountability expand

Within weeks, if not days, CallidusCloud WorkFlow will help you identify areas for improvement. The built-in analytics will easily help you identify bottlenecks, unbalanced resource loading, and the most common causes of problems and complaints. The built-in social feed will give you great insight into the mood within your organization as well as the perception from outside your organization.

Automate Business Rules and Accelerate Decision Mechanism expand

CallidusCloud WorkFlow will take the complexity out of sorting incoming information and assigning tasks with automated:

  • » Assignment Rules
  • » Notifications
  • » Reminders
  • » Escalations
  • » Service Level Agreements

CallidusCloud WorkFlow is a great tool to help you intelligently prioritize, based on business rules rather than subjectivity.


Unleash Collaboration and Capture Tribal Knowledge expand

Some of the most valuable knowledge and the most critical insight, is often trapped in never-read memos, text messages, chats, individual email inboxes, or voicemails.

With CallidusCloud WorkFlow every comment that anybody ever made, every suggestion that anybody offered, every answer that anybody ever provided, is available to you. While CallidusCloud WorkFlow Feed is similar to Facebook and Google Wave, the business and permission rules, along with advanced search capabilities, eliminate the clutter and provide insight.

Capabilities such as

  • » Follow/Un-follow processes
  • » Sharing Cases
  • » Building Virtual Teams

allows for the right level of collaboration not only within your company, but with your

  • » customers
  • » vendors and
  • » partners

Key Capabilities

Process Management

CallidusCloud WorkFlow comes with several pre-defined business processes. Easy graphical drag-and-drop user interface allows you to modify these processes as well as to create unlimited additional processes.



Task and Case Management

Each process, Issue Tracking and Resolution, RMAs, New Feature Development, Idea Crowdsourcing, Collaborative Selling, and Bug Tracking, can have unlimited number of individual tasks or cases. CallidusCloud WorkFlow’s rules engine ensures that no task goes unattended and accelerates task completion.




Productive collaboration can be absolutely critical for certain business processes which require involvement from resources around the clock and around the globe. Other processes may not require collaboration, but engaging the most appropriate resources and tapping into the tribal knowledge can significantly improve your organization’s performance. CallidusCloud WorkFlow enables both structured, process oriented collaboration, and more informal, ad-hoc, social media-oriented collaboration.


CallidusCloud WorkFlow allows companies to consolidate all of their customer corrective actions in one system and enable web access across the entire organization, including their customers, resulting in cycle time improvements and increased customer satisfaction. Grayhill, Inc.